The Day I Kissed An Older Man by Cher the Cherished

Chapter 2000

Chapter 2000
Unable to contact Melody, Helen racked her brains and thought of Melody's former classmates.
Melody was sort of a loner, and over the years, Helen had not seen her make many friends. Melody only brought up one particular classmate a few times, so Helen assumed they had a good relationship.
Helen quickly went to Melody's room. Melody had left in a hurry, so she did not take many things with her. Helen searched through her belongings and found a yearbook hidden at the bottom of the cabinet.
Melody only bought a mobile phone when she graduated from college, so she must have written down her former classmates' contact information in the
Helen searched for a long time before finding that classmate's phone number in the yearbook.
She called right away, saying, "Hello?"
The person on the other end of the line was puzzled to receive a call from Helen. "Yes, who is this?"
"I'm Melody's mom. Is she with you right now? Pass her the phone right now!" ordered Helen.
During college, this classmate knew that Melody's mom was not kind to her. She often sided with Melody's half-sister in bullying her. Thus, upon hearing it was Melody's mom, the classmate's tone immediately turned unfriendly. "Sorry, she's not with me."

"How is that possible? Melody only has you as a friend. If she's not with you, then where else could she be?"
Only then did the classmate know that Melody had left home. Considering what Melody had been through, the classmate felt very sorry for her and grew even more resentful toward Helen.
"You never cared about Melody at all, and now you're looking for her? You should be ashamed to call yourself a mother! I would've cut off all ties with you ages ago if I were her!"
The classmate hung up the phone and blocked Helen's number.
Still feeling uneasy, the classmate sent a message to Melody, [Your mom called me. Seems like she's looking for you.]
Seeing the classmate's message and recalling Helen's recent call, Melody could not shake the feeling that something was off. Regardless of what Helen was up to, Melody only knew that it would not be anything good.
Unable to get information about Melody from her classmate, Helen became distressed. After much contemplation, she remembered the news she had seen online before. She took out her phone and began searching, hoping to find the previous photos, but all she found was the statement released by Parr Group.
'Parr Group? Since Melody has a connection with this company, they might know where she is now,' thought Helen.
She found Parr Group according to the navigation map.
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"Oh wow, I never expected that good-for-nothing Melody to be
acquainted with Parr Group's Boss! Раку ve
This company is so big!" Helen could
not help but exclaim when she saw how high-end the company building was. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
Helen was delighted. After all, Melody was her daughter, which meant she was
obligated to provide for her mother in her old age if she got rich. 1
Helen walked in and strode confidently to the front desk. "Where is your president? I need to speak with him about something."
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The front desk at Parr Group had met
a variety of people over the years
including those like the woman in front of them. Without even looking up, the receptionist asked, "Do you have an appointment?" The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
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"Appointment? Why would I need an
appointment?" Helen completely
considered herself the president's
mother-in-law. She dismissed the
receptionist and walked toward the
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