Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother

Chapter 672

Playfully, I held the rib piece to Colin's lips and asked him in a flirtatious way to taste it. I would keep it there until he surrendered. He glanced around. When nobody was paying attention to him, he quickly grabbed the ribs with his mouth and licked my fingertips. My face flushed, and my fingertips became numb.
Colin gave me a meaningful smile while chewing the ribs, looking like a fox that had successfully played a prank on me.
As the pots were stewing food, the chef was busy here and there, occasionally raising his arms to wipe the sweat from his forehead.
Soon, the skewers were served. Those who had finally gotten a real taste of northern skewers exclaimed in appreciation.
Just like me, they exhaled rapidly through their mouths to hasten the cooling of the food. Sticks were tossed upon the table after a while. Everyone raved about how delicious the skewers were. More than 60 people sat together. The ladies shifted from eating elegantly to feasting while guys bulged their mouths with food. Additionally, they filled their glasses with northern wine. They might get intoxicated by the wine's powerful scent before they even sipped it.
Everyone set aside their images of talented students at Jesselton College. They even ignored the introductory speech and focused solely on the skewers.
Watching everyone eating happily and listening to the continuous compliments, the chef was so happy that he drank half a bottle of liquor. He was greeted with a roar of cheers.
Soon, Colin and I were surrounded by the other students. They came to toast us one after another.
While most women toasted with fruit juice, the men toasted with beer or liquor. Remarkably, their toasts were the same.

"Happy birthday, Mr. White! May you and Mrs. White always be happy together!"
I was shy but happy. Despite my shyness, I felt joyful and accepted their wishes. At this stage, there was nothing to gain by denying it.
Colin was right. I would be Mrs. White sooner or later. They were just addressing me with this title earlier. I could accept it. They could call me whatever they wanted.
I patted my warm face to cool it down.
After everyone's toasts, Colin was
drunk in less than an hour that his vision became blurry. His fingers grew unsteady while grasping the glass, and his cheeks flushed.
"How are you doing? I'll take your place to drink it," I softly asked Colin. Glancing at the half-barrel of potent alcohol, I was afraid he wouldn't be able to hold on.
I could only use my special talent of being a skilled drinker at this point. "No, I can hold on." Colin waited for a man in white to pour him some wine and raise a toast. After expressing gratitude to the latter, he took up the glass.
Men had always sought to maintain their pride. He persisted in drinking, even though he knew I was a skilled drinker. He was simply torturing himself.
I worriedly held Colin's hand, fearing the glass would drop from his shaky grip.
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Colin hung on and got toasted several more times, increasing his level of inebriation. He appeared to have forgotten that he was receiving birthday wishes from his students, believing himself to be at home. He soon pursed his lips and wanted to kiss me. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
The others' teasing and ambiguous looks tormented me. I wished to find somewhere to hide myself.
Did Colin still remember to maintain
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his image as a lecturer? How could
he be so frivolous in front of his
students Did he think we were in the he think
bedroom and free to kiss me? Even if
I held the title of Mrs. White, we still
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Be more serious, Mr. White!
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When he asked to kiss me for the
third time, I took his wine glass and firmly faced the long line of students waiting for toasts. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

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